July 18, 2011

Theodore Boone, another Grisham Bestseller

I bet a lot of us love Nancy Drew work, kids with enthusiasm of investigation and crime and such. And Theodore Boone is another version of this. Well, the story is kind of simple and straightforward. Its about Theo, a 13 years old boy who so happen his parents work as lawyer. Theo fond for legal world and make the court as his playground, law books as his comics and court trial as his favorite movie. He is the free legal counsel in the school, a star in his Government class and a good friend to the judge and court officers.

All is perfect until one day he fall in the situation where he knows the real culprit in a murder case. Things become complicated when the only witness refuse to show up and this may let the murderer walk free.

My personal opinion on this 32nd Grisham work is, its a nice before-book to read, since you can make yourself just like Theo, in your nice dream. What a work...Perfect.


  1. Hari tu nampak dah buku ne ...besst tak ???Harga pun murah jer , maybe next time siti sambar satu la ek ^___^

  2. best...saya suggest sesapa yg baru nak berjinak2 ngan legal triller buleh mulakan ngan buku ni sbb mudah dan pendek jer citer dia...


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