March 20, 2012


Program 5S sedang hangat melanda pejabatku belakangan ini. Iyelah, kunun dicita menjelang akhir tahun, pejabat akan mendapat pengiktirafan 5S. Maka berlumba-lumbalah setiap unit untuk menyediakan segala yang perlu. Baik dari segi kekemasan, keindahan, peningkatan sistem, mahupun penyusunan fail. Dan semangat 5S ini sedikit tertumpah kepada kehidupan di rumah. Hasil penyisihan, penyusunan, penyapuan, penyeragaman dan sentiasa amal yang kami jalankan di setor rumah, maka aku terjumpalah skrip pengucapan awam ketika PAC dulu. Sebelum dilupus, baik aku simpan secara simpanan lembut (soft copy) (meminjam terma en ayer) di blog ini.

Value added society

Remember to one TV advertisement showing a man in the LRT? He is so selfish and not so gentlemen when he let the old lady and pregnant woman standing while he is sitting and pretending to sleep? I think it shows the ugly side of so called “modern develop Malaysian society”. Is this really going on in our society? Let alone the crime and criminal, but we, the ordinary civilian also behave in such a manner?

The government pays a great concern in developing the nation, economically and physically. We have vision 2020 where we dream to be a role model to the world. But shall we let it to be
a day-dream?

In facing the challenge of modernization and globalization, we shall prepare ourselves with a strong self-perseverance as an ethical society. We shall not focus on developing our country economically per se but the nation itself. And the answer is back to the basic.

There is a Creator (khaliq) and the creatures (makhluq) and in the between there is akhlaq. Akhlaq is a value system. This differentiates us from the other creatures. The more develop the
nation be, the more ethical shall they behave. An ethical society knows what constitute wrong shall not only avoided but condemned.

Law and punishment alone is not the answer to social illness but inner control guided by faith and virtues is the strongest. This is what had been called by our Prime Minister as a ‘towering personality’. No more corruption, no more abuse of power and the nation shall be associated as the true role model to the world. Again, we shall refer back to value and morality. And we never want to be known as the ‘victim of modernization”. Together we foster a highly educated and ethical society and became a truly value added Malaysian society. As we are not only answerable to our children, but what more to the boss up there. With that, I rest my case.

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