June 1, 2009

Err...Which Boss r U?

Just come back from GRID International Leadership Seminar last week, and wish to share some info. Well, the title of the seminar has spoken half of what its all about. The rest is what kind of organisational behavior and style we are now and how to react. And I love to use 'react' rather to 'change'.

There are at least 7 kind of boss identified namely;

  1. 1,1 type- 'tak apa' principle. Translation: "I do according to the book and refuse to divert. Never heard what is productivity and innovation. My staff shall maintain their status quo and I am who I am."

  2. 1,9 type-'country club manager' principle. The key word "I need to become popular among my staff, so that they will follow my direction. It's 'no hal' to spend some 'elaun keraian k/tgn' just to gain their support. When everybody happy, work will goes on."

  3. 9,1 type- "What important is the end-product. I want the objectives to be achieved at what cost. Your feeling? Who cares?"

  4. 5,5 type-"We have our book what? Just followlah. You do your work, I do mine. At the end of the day, the job finish, we got our salary and everybody happy."
  5. 9,9 type- "Gold-oriented babe. Finish your job and I'll 'belanja' U teh tarik later. I am your boss and you friend as well. The company florish, our salary too. Satisfy?"

  6. Parental style- "Do as what I told as I knew it better. You good I reward, you bad I punish."

  7. Opportunist type- "I am your boss as your job description said so. But I am your friend as I need you to do all the work. You may hated me badly, but I am such a damn good actor. You will love me compulsively, heheh (always gelak setan).

And all these types could be detected via initiatives, advocacy, conflict resolution, critique, etc, etc. My comments:

  • Good approach, as the method is actually originated and developed from the US and had been introduced throughout the world. It had been discussed way back from 70's and I think it still relevant as a tool to identify our style, our organisational style as well as to create goal and objectives.

  • The 'seminar manager' - well, they are 2 of them. En Malik ok jer, but the other guy...(ask Najib for futher clarification). In term of time management, from the firm's side 'tip top', they start sharp in time, with or without the participants. Seminar material, excellent, as they are all from the US (truely, madly, deeply do...without prejudice tau).

  • Turning point- the introduction to 'critique' principle as an organizational culture. It's obvious that 'we M'sian' are a little bit hesitant and discomfort with this critique, personally and in group. P/s: They said I am an introvert, am I?
  • The participants-I give a 'WOW' as they are intelligent, outspoken, vibes but yet quite annoying sometimes.
  • Who would U suggest to attend this course: My bosses, of course after they read out our finding and critique upon the seminar.
  • The bad - they award us with some kind of plaque instead of a certificate. We just need a humble piece of paper called as a certificate to be included in our 'Buku Perkhidmatan', that's all. Susah sgt ke????

So, what type of boss am I, ha???


  1. sifat boss saya adalah sukar untuk diklasifikasikan di mana2 characteristic itu . sukar juga nak menentukan which part dia combine. yang penting , kerjasama .....

  2. betul betul betul. GRID ni cuma try to classify jer, tp biasanya manusia ni sifatnya complex, maybe a combination of one, two, or maybe all of the class kan...

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